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Current information on environmental protection in Poland will be soon available on the Internet. The portal is part of the World Bank's international Global Development Gateway initiative.

Infovide Ltd. has obtained a World Bank grant to design the technological and organisational structure of the Polish Development Gateway (PDG). The PDG will be a one-stop-shop for information on environment protection, poverty reduction, social responsibility of businesses, bridging the digital divide and IT development in Poland. The portal should foster cooperation between central and local government and non-governmental and private-sector organisations committed to sustainable development. It is to be launched by the end of this year.

Infovide is a Polish IT consulting company, active in the market since 1991. The company focuses on strategic uses of modern information technologies in business, offering consulting, analytical, programming and implementation services. Since 1998, the company has been organising regular Corporate IT Conferences. Infovide is a system architect for its customers, designing and carrying out their IT projects. A†significant area of Infovide's consulting activity is implementation of modern organisational solutions and work methodologies in its customers' IT teams.

Infovide carries out projects for a number of industries, including banking, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, power engineering and public administration. It is a recognised supplier of know-how to the Polish IT industry. Infovide continues to develop its service mix by cooperating with the most renowned international experts in the uses of information technologies and e-business.

We specialize in:

  • drafting IT strategies,

  • assessing business effectiveness of IT projects

  • IT project management,

  • analysis and design of e-business architectures,

  • development and integration of IT systems,

  • deployment of MRP II systems,

  • data warehousing,

  • web portal development,

  • software process improvement and quality assurance.

Infovide participates also in various international research projects. Our main research interests are focused around five topics: IT productivity, business intelligence, e-business solutions and architectures, enterprise resource and relationship planning, IT management.

The Polish Development Gateway is part of our non-for-profit activities. We are highly aware and take care of the social responsibility of our business. We recognize the very essence of sustainable development which is to correlate economic growth and social development by providing access to both renewable and non-renewable resources on the one hand with an improvement in living standards in a†natural and clean environment on the other. Economic growth should involve more effective use of raw materials and other natural resources, rationalise the consumption of power and labour, and nurture the development of environment-friendly technologies and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage.

The aim of the Polish gateway is to help carry out projects that further the development of those parts of the economy that are based around the knowledge of the information society, the spatial development of the country and the protection of the environment. The main objectives set forth in the project are to minimise environmental pollution, to combat poverty (especially in rural areas), to restructure the Polish manufacturing industry and agriculture, to reduce unemployment, and to support democracy. Infovide is contacting institutions interested in sustainable development issues in order to invite them to participate in the creation of the contents of the gateway. This part of the work will be assigned to a task force composed of representatives of government ministries, local authorities, and non-governmental and private-sector organisations.

Contact: Piotr Fuglewicz, Partner at Infovide, ph. (+4832) 2054388,
mobile: (+48) 601 414977, e-mail: pfuglewicz@infovide.pl,
Borys Czerniejewski, Director of International Liaison Office, Infovide,
ph.: (+4822) 5347450, mobile: (+48) 603 891961

Infovide sp. z o.o., ul. Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa, Poland
ph.: (+4822) 5347400, 5347401, fax: (+4822) 5347402
Web: http://www.infovide.pl/en/index.xml

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