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According to the Ministerial document "Development Strategy of Renewable Energy Sector" adopted on 5 September 2000 the strategic objective is the increase of the share of energy from renewable sources in Poland’s primary energy balance to 7.5% in 2010 and to 14% in 2020. At present the strategic goal is lower than the targets set by the European Union. State support is badly needed for quick development in the renewable energy sector in Poland.

To encourage solar energy basic and applied research and development in Poland the Polish Solar Energy Society - ISES (linked to ISES - International Solar Energy Society) was established in 1994. Now the Society consists of 254 members coming from research, education, industry and market areas.

The Society is interested in initiatives such as:

  • supporting scientific and technological activities in the field of direct and indirect use of solar energy (photovoltaics, passive and active solar applications, biomass, hydro power, wind, geothermal)

  • raising public awareness of benefits of renewable energies,

  • promotion all aspects of engineering and sustainable energy and dissemination the results of its activities,

  • educational objectives

To achieve the goals of PSES-ISES certain activities are undertaken, such as:
  • organisation of national seminars and conferences

  • training of students from Warsaw University of Technology

  • participation in international conferences and presentation lectures

  • organising technical excursions to the renewable energy installations and low energy buildings

  • participation in activity of Governmental Commission for Renewable Energies in Poland

  • publishing the quarterly "Polska Energetyka Słoneczna" with a review of facts and analyses, views and initiatives, courses, conferences and workshops, local projects and global institutional decisions on solar energy and other related topics.

  • permanent contacts with producers of solar collectors, photovoltaics panels and other equipment, assistance them in promoting their products and dissemination information relating to this production.

  • close cooperation with Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Institute is the seat of PSES-ISES. There is a Department of Eco-Building Engineering, working among others on low energy buildings, heat and mass transfer, solar energy, renewable energy, energy storage, active and passive solar systems, simulation of thermal and climate processes. The Division has got a solar laboratory. The aims of PSES-ISES are promotion all aspects of sustainable energy and dissemination the results of its activities.

Dr Dorota Chwieduk - President, Dr Małgorzata Wolna - Secretary
Polish Solar Energy Society ISES, Świętokrzyska 21,
00 - 049 Warsaw
tel. +48-22-8261281 ext. 337, 8287483 ext. 294,
fax: +48-22-8285370
e-mail: dchwied@ippt.gov.pl, mwolna@ippt.gov.pl

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