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In recent years, medical world has been seeking new solutions in diagnostics and therapy, especially noninvasive ones, as well as trying to develop treatment methods that have not been used sufficiently.

Dynamic development observed in mathematics, physics and technology (especially electronics) has affected a new quality physical medicine. Thanks to modern technologies applied in medical devices the application and effectiveness of variable magnetic fields in medicine has also been expanded.

Viofor JPS System Clinic with light energy, manufactured by Med & Life Poland Ltd is a unit consisting of: a controller with basic and/or additional accessories. Unique design solutions enable a wide application of therapeutic properties of variable magnetic fields. Viofor JPS Clinic provides a selection of physical parameters of variable magnetic fields used in:

  1. Magnetostimulation in JPS System

  2. Magnetostimulation in JPS system combined with light energy

  3. Magnetotherapy

Viofor JPS Clinic is used for the following types of therapy::

  • Magnetostimulation of the whole body or its parts

  • Magnetostimulation paired with light energy of selected body parts

  • Magnetotherapy of selected body parts

It can be used:

  • In medical and physiotherapy clinics

  • In stomatology

  • In rehabilitation

  • In sport medicine

  • In veterinary

Viofor JPS Clinic generates variable magnetic fields, which cause in the organism changes similar to those caused by physical activity (physical exercise, physical activity), therefore support biological regeneration. Both mental and physical regeneration is tightly connected with exercise. Variable magnetic field plays a similar beneficial role. Magnetostimulation stimulates in the organism electromotor forces of such properties, which enable homeostasis, and in case of its disturbance stimulate return to a normal state.

The essence of the Viofor JPS system is the optimal choice of two different electrical (and thus magnetic) signals as well as their mutual combination, in order to achieve the aforementioned three fundamental mechanisms of variable magnetic field absorption by the living matter. Electromagnetic radiation may affect an organism in various ways. Depending on the amount of absorbed energy, a thermal effect and extra thermal effects occur. Extra thermal effects: bioelectric, biochemical and bioenergetic - due to the very low value of magnetic induction 2004-02-14- are the most essential in magnetostimulation.

The main biological effects of magnetostimulation mechanisms are actions:

  • regenerative

  • vasodilatatory

  • angiogenetic

  • stabilizing cell membranes

  • anti-inflammatory

  • relaxative

  • anti-spastic

  • analgesic

Light energy has a mainly topical effect on tissues. Its penetration inside the body depends on the light wavelength. Tissue reaction depends on energy absorption in each tissue layer. The absorption effectiveness is mainly affected by: tissue thickness, blood supply and flow, water content and presence of pigment. Infrared reactions start at the level of cell membrane, and reactions to red light - in mitochondria.

At the tissue level, mechanism of biological effect of variable magnetic fields and light energy are of similar nature. When applying magnetostimulation together with light, a synergy effect could be expected, depending on individual characteristics.

Med & Life provides also the offer for individual customers who would like to use Viofor JPS in home prophylactics or/and therapy, including the wide range of systems and accessories intended for private users. The systems contain Viofor JPS Standard or Classic controller together with chosen set of applicators. The apparatus can be safely used at home, which allows effective help to the chronically ill, who are bedridden.

Viofor JPS Systems can be applied on a large scale in a health care system, epecially in medical and physiotherapeutic clinic as well as at home treatment and prophylactics. Confirmed by clinical research, the effects of Viofor JPS in regeneration improving the peripheral circulation, limitation of oxygen want as well as analgesic and antistress effect qualify it for the wide application in medical practice and prophylactics.

Documented positive effects of Viofor JPS in pain control, healing acceleration and strenghtening of the immune system help reduce the costs of patient treatment, lower the costs due to employees sick leave absences and reduce pharmaceutical treatment. In addition, the energizing and antistress effect of Viofor JPS increases physical and metal ability of its users with no recognized diseases.


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